The Art of Music Production Week 1: Listening Like a Producer - Practice Quiz

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Photo by Andreas Forsberg on Unsplash

This is the practice quiz of week 1, Identifying Emotions

I am a big fan of guitar delays. I used to own two delay pedals in the past, a boss dd3 and a local analog delay, which I spend hours on creating melodic, dark, and uplifting tunes on.

I discovered Language I: Intuition by The Contortionist on Spotify's Discover Weekly. The song immediately got my attention when I heard the intro. The transition from bars to the next part(e.g., intro to verse) has additional elements that get me to anticipate what will happen next. Surprise elements are heard when I listened to the song for the first time. I expected 2 bars from one part of the music but had 4 bars, which had more significant elements.

The bridge of the song evoked a determined emotion. The instruments' attack was exciting towards the whole bridge part of the music, especially at the transition to the outro of the song.